Monday, March 19, 2007

Understanding the Concept of Foreign Policy

Foreign policy is often regarded as a boring concept that is hard to understand and bears no relevance to current events. On the contrary, foreign policy makes up some of the most important and word-changing decisions made today. The term refers to one country’s goals that it wishes to achieve when interacting with another country. These keep the goals set on the country’s national interest and goals in the global economy. When interacting with other countries, the conversation is played like a game of chess, with each country lobbying for its own best interests. It is quite interesting to hear of what goes on with foreign policy.

One of the most common aspects of foreign policy that you will hear about the most in America is anything involving the USA giving financial aid to other countries. The USA helps out many different countries with the development of infrastructure and economy. All of this money has to be strictly regulated so that it is most effective. If the money is used 100% effectively, the resulting prosperity will end up coming back and helping the whole world economy by adding another player that countries can sell to and buy from. So those in charge of foreign policy essentially make sure that they are making a good investment that will pay off in the long run.

Foreign policy also comes in handy during wartime. Whether the United States is directly involved or not, it will still end up having discussions with all of the parties involved. Since war is a thing that generally hurts the whole world, the USA usually tries to steer clear of it if possible, even if that means mediating between two countries in order to work out a fair compromise. Foreign polices also prevent countries from grabbing power or being too aggressive (in order to prevent something like Germany before World War 2 from happening).

Foreign policy is a very deep and many-layered subject, and if you are interested in it you will find that there are countless texts written to educate you further. You would be surprised at how many different things policies exist for. So check out a book and learn all there is to know about the topic. It is a very valuable subject to learn about, and could have a number of future job prospects.

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