Monday, March 19, 2007

The Job of an Ambassador

An ambassador is a person from a particular country who is meant to represent his country. This representation can occur either in international meetings, or in one-on-one government settings. The ambassador usually has a great deal of knowledge about foreign policy, and is hand-picked by his or her nation in order to provide a good representation and maintain solid relations with the other country. Their duties include many different aspects of foreign policy. Here are some of the things that an ambassador is responsible (more specifically, an ambassador from the USA to another country).

An ambassador is much like a diplomat (which there are quite a few of in a given country), only he is in a much more distinguished position. There are frequently meetings between representatives from many different countries. An ambassador is the single person that the country has chosen to represent them in these meetings. They are chosen very carefully since they have to have a full grasp on what the best interests of the country are, and what their goals should be when engaging in discussion with ambassadors from other countries.

There is one of these ambassadors to each of the countries in the world. They usually reside at the American embassy, and in their day to day work, oversee all of the other diplomats. Since they have such superior knowledge about foreign policy and the best interests of their own country, they are able to effectively get everything done that needs to be done. Whenever a meeting is called involving multiple countries meeting in the country of their work, they are flown out to discuss the topic at hand. This includes not just international news, but events that happen locally as well.

There are many different terms that you will hear frequently in the news, and ambassador is one of them. Now that you know more about what they do, you will be able to tune in better to the news and get a better idea of what they are talking about. You can be a more informed person. Anyone who knows what is going on in the world automatically has an advantage over someone who doesn’t. Therefore you shouldn’t just stop at learning about ambassadors. Continue on and learn about all kinds of foreign policy.


Ashley said...

Hello there. I'm not sure if you'll be able to help me with my question or not, but I've always been interested in the career of an ambassador, and after reading your blog I thought you might be able to help me learn more about what exactly the role of an ambassador entails? Personally, I think the idea of interning for an ambassador seems to be the best way for me to gather sufficient information, however, I do not know how to go about finding an opportunity like that. Thanks ahead of time, Ashley

cutenesha2 said...

how many ambassadors can the president appoint ?